Why you might be struggling with love, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Friday February 15 2019

Aries - You fear for your freedom

Strong and independent, you have the strength to achieve anything on your own. You cherish your freedom and doing things the way you want to. You are always looking for new challenges and can get very competitive about it.

You could be struggling with love because you often think a relationship is something that can hold you back. Besides, you fear it could interfere with the freedom you nurture so much. All of this can make it hard for you to have a serious relationship or to keep one going.

However, you're a very caring person Aries, and you will do anything for your SO. And it's essential for your loved one to understand that you need your space and freedom. Once that part is recognized and respected, you will have a healthy relationship.

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Taurus - You're a fortress

You tend to build a wall around yourself, Taurus. Which makes it hard for someone else to get close to you. It might be your comfort zone, but you often crave in letting people break down these walls.

You are stubborn Taurus, and it has made you strong over the years. You are very independent and can take care of everything by yourself. You fear that a relationship might take away that independence or make changes in your routine. You don't enjoy change and like things the way they always are, so you might have a hard time finding someone that understands this.

You've probably let someone in, in the past and ended up hurt. But remember, just because you enjoy routines, doesn't mean being hurt we be part of it. Give yourself a chance to open up and try new things, no strings attached. You might get a surprise!

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Gemini - You fear it will interfere with your social life

Your active social life is precious to you. You enjoy going out, meeting new people and having a good time. You can also be unpredictable and change your mind in a split of a second. Your friends know you well and got used to it, and they will probably follow you wherever you feel like going. But what about a SO? Will they accompany you anywhere? Are they willing to accept your extroverted self and mind changes? Those are all questions you ask yourself when you start dating someone. You're afraid being in a relationship will take away your social life and freedom. You crave to have someone to love and to be loved by, but you often think it won't be enough to fulfill your lifestyle.

But remember, everybody is different, the right person for you is someone versatile who embraces new things and trying new experiences. Your personal space is necessary but so is your SO's. Step by step, remember that not everything comes right away, give the relationship time to grow.

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Gemini & Sagittarius

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Cancer - You give it all in

You've been through a rough time in love, Cancer. You're very caring and devoted to all your friends, family and partner. Sometimes you even give all you have and get nothing in return. Relationships sometimes frighten you because you feel they are unfair to you and your feelings. But being a caring and loving person is one of the best virtue of all.

Remain strong and don't let people hurt or ignore you just because you care. Your feelings matter, and you need to get what you give in return.

Love is out there, and it would be great to find someone that is caring, thoughtful and intense, like you! If that person is not right you there will be signs that tell you to stay away. Don't overlook them and take action!

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Leo - The smallest details can set you off

Taking care and defending others is your greatest virtue, Leo. You are devoted to the people you're close with, and will always stand by the ones in need. This also goes for your relationships. You often give it all without receiving the same in return.

You're the lover of the zodiac and appreciate every little detail that revolves around love. Falling in love is easy for you, but staying in love can be more difficult. Small details about your partner that you dislike might set you off and can break the connection; you can be very picky. It makes it difficult for you to maintain a relationship for a long time. Besides, you have some insecurities as well and can become frightened when things get serious. You might even leave your partner for fear that they might leave you first.

You need to overcome the little details because we all have them, and in some way, they make us unique. You might be missing on great things!

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Virgo - You don't accept imperfections

You're a perfectionist, Virgo. You tend to put high standards upon yourself and others, and this is reflected in your love life. You have set a perfect scenario that is sometimes impossible to accomplish. You have built a strong wall around you over the years, which only the most worthy will be allowed to pass. But even if this person is allowed in, you're afraid they will discover your vulnerabilities since you are very critical and harsh upon yourself. Remember that nobody is perfect, we all have our flaws. What matters is respect and trust for your relationships to work.

You might have trusted in the past and got your heart broken, but take this as learning to build a stronger you! Right now you might've closed and carried this fear upon yourself, but remember not everybody is the same. If you can let yourself trust others again and put fear aside, you might, at last, enjoy the ride! A ride with probable chances to become pure love.

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Libra - You don't know what you want

Your indecisive nature can lead you to make the wrong choices or no choice at all, Libra. Sometimes you might feel like you don't even know what you really want and fear takes over blocking you to make a decision. The ideal love story is right there in your mind, but it might be too perfect for the real world. Finding someone compatible with that love story can become an impossible task. Peace and harmony are vital for you Libra, so why not work with that? Take it easy; slowly, there is no rush! Remember that nothing and especially no one is perfect, which is fine!

You might be afraid of your imperfections and opening yourself to others because of them, but remember that they make you who you are and that everyone has them. It's a great virtue wanting to make everyone happy, Libra, but a hard task, especially if you forget about making yourself happy in the process

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Scorpio - You have trust issues

You're very passionate, Scorpio, and you need that passion in a relationship. Additionally, you can be very distrusting of others which lead to a lot of fights and break-ups. This combination is a rollercoaster for you and your feelings, and you are probably going from enjoying the best moments of your life and to a sense of reaching rock bottom, and you will probably keep all of those feelings inside you. It might look like you're letting it all out on the outside, but it's your passion and intensity talking, your real feelings are deep down, where no one can see.

To overcome your trust issues, it's a step by step process. Start with the simplest things and grow from there. You will learn in the process, and if you have an understanding partner, they will learn from you as well. Communication is key here, also step by step, letting those feelings out little by little. When you love, you love with intensity, and if it's too much for the other person, then it's maybe not meant to be.

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Sagittarius - You think no one can keep up with your lifestyle

Inpatient and adventurous Sagittarius. You have set an upbeat rhythm for your life. You go from an adventure to another in a blink of an eye. You cherish your freedom and being able to do whatever you want. You might be afraid that letting someone in your life could alter this and take it all away. You might feel that most people couldn't keep up with your lifestyle and that you'd be tied to a routine/boring day to day life. But you're not the only adventurous people out there Sagittarius!

Plenty of people, just like you, enjoy this kind of lifestyle. Maybe you're happy to live it by yourself, and that's great! But if you're continually craving to have someone in your life, the problem might be that you're not letting them in, afraid they'll take away your precious freedom. You need someone that enjoys adventure, meeting new places and people, and won't be afraid to leave it all behind to start somewhere new.

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Sagittarius & Gemini

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Capricorn - You think things might get out of control

You're very responsible Capricorn, and you've managed to have everything under control in your life; your health, your job, and even your hobbies. But you feel that there is one thing that seems unpredictable or even uncontrollable: love. You have succeeded in every other aspect of your life and are afraid of failing in love instead of falling for it. These insecurities can lead you to build walls around yourself, not willing to even try going further when you meet that special someone. But here is the thing, you can't control how you feel and especially, you can't control the other person! And that's ok. It's true, you might get hurt, it might not be what you expected, but that doesn't mean you are failing. Learn from the experiences and grow from there. You'll see that going out of your comfort zone can bring great things into your life.

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Aquarius - You fear you will lose your intimacy

Your independent nature makes you great at solving problems on your own, Aquarius. You lead a unique life and cherish those "Alone times" you give yourself.

You fear that adding a partner to your lifestyle might shatter your independence. Although you crave of having someone to share your eccentric tastes, you sometimes think that it would bring more constraints tan freedom.

You need to find someone who understands and respects your privacy. You sure give them theirs! Not every soul out there will be suffocating or clingy as you might sometimes think. Some are even looking for the same independence and privacy that you value so much. Don't overthink things before they happen. Your freedom is essential and will not necessarily go away in a relationship.

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Pisces - You fear to get heartbroken

You're the romantic sign of the zodiac, Pisces! You go all in into your relationships. Sometimes you might even give and give and get nothing in return. Sometimes, people keep taking advantage of your good nature which makes you feel sad and afraid of loving again. Breaking up with someone after giving it all is something you don't want to go through again. You close out on others although this is an impossible task for you since what you want most is to help others, you can't help it!

You might have even taken-in broken souls in the past, to make them become a better version of themselves just to get hurt in return. It might not be fair, but you're the one that keeps putting itself in this position over and over again. Helping others is a great virtue and is what makes you so compassionate. But you might be forgetting something important in the process. What about taking care of yourself also? You will not be happy in a relationship if you're not happy with yourself first.

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