Your perfect date, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Friday November 16 2018

Aries - Skydiving

Aries, you're adventurous and love challenges. Jumping from a plane with your date is something you'll remember forever. Besides, it's a good way for you to test your date and see if they can match your strong personality.

Taurus - Go Wine Tasting

You're patient and sensual Taurus. Going to a Wine Tasting is perfect to awake all your senses and share a beautiful moment with your date.

Gemini - Coffee Shop

You're very social, Gemini. So you'll probably make your date comfortable by leading the conversation. Going to a coffee shop is perfect for you to enjoy the date!

Cancer - At Home

You enjoy your home, Cancer, and a home-cooked meal. You'll probably delight your date with your favorite dish and they'll love all the details you put into this night, to make it, the perfect date.

Leo - Escape Room

You're a lot of fun, Leo, and you like to showcase your wit and cleverness. Going to an Escape Room on a date is something original you'll really enjoy. You won't take it to seriously and make it fun!

Virgo - A nice Restaurant

Virgo, you love perfection. You'll probably choose a restaurant you know you like. You'll probably already know the chef and waiters there. You'll be treated like royalty by everyone, including your date.

Libra - Go for a Drive

Libra, you enjoy freedom, but sometimes it's hard for you to be yourself in front of others. That's why taking a drive on a date and admiring the view is the perfect to show yourself as you really are, fun, easy going and bright.

Scorpio - Do something mysterious

You love to feel new things, Scorpio. Going on a date and do something mysterious, like discovering a new underground club or going to a dark bar with live music would be perfect for all your senses.

Sagittarius - A Food Festival

It won't really matter where you go or what you'll do, Sagittarius, you'll have fun no matter what. But going somewhere chill like a Food Festival, where you can just walk around and talk is perfect for you.

Capricorn - Going to the Movies

You love tradition, Capricorn, so going to the movies is perfect for you on a date. It's the perfect setting for you guys to snuggle and later talk for hours about the movie.

Aquarius - Going to a Concert

Aquarius, you can't be separated from music. Going to a concert and letting yourself go to the music you love is perfect for you. Besides, your date will see you as you truly are and will love the way you feel the music.

Pisces - Going to a Bar

The perfect date for you Pisces is somewhere chill and relaxed. That way you'll be able to talk and listen to the other person without anything else bothering you.