With what zodiac sign you should travel with, this summer?

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Wednesday June 19 2019

Aries - Travel with Leo, Gemini or Aquarius

Aries is always in movement. They want to see and test everything. As a travel partner, they might be a little challenging, that's why they need a sign, that can keep up with them! Sensitive traveling partners are not their match. They like adrenaline sports and crazy unplanned events. Aquarius as a very easy going partner might just have the strength to keep up with them. Gemini's sociability and tendency to connect will be compatible with Aries too, Leo goes in the same category. You can go to the ocean or the mountains with Aries, just be prepared to surf on big waves or jump with a parachute.

Taurus - Travel with Virgo and Pisces

Taurus might just change your holiday plan if you let him. Sometimes they can lay down like a real bull (and be completely lazy) and you cant' even move them with a crane. Who cares about the Eiffel Tower when they can lay down and sip champagne in their comfortable room. Leo or Aquarius might get bored travelling with a Taurus. You will be more compatible as a Virgo, Pisces, Cancer or Capricorn, that don't require constant entertainment and movement. Perfect destinations would be, pampering on the beach, 5-star hotel or anything relaxing with some tasty food and cocktails.

Gemini - Travel with Aquarius, Leo and Libra

If you don't mind that you traveling buddy talks with everyone on their way, or when they explore every inch of the museum, then you can travel with the communicative and sociable Gemini. You will never get bored and they will make you laugh. Communicative Aquarius, sociable Leo, and Libra might enjoy this kind of holiday, without getting annoyed. Doesn't matter if you travel to Rome or Peru, you will never be bored with a Gemini.

Cancer - Travel with Pisces or Scorpio

Cancer is very sensitive and emotional and will enjoy any beautiful place in the world. If you travel with them, buying little trinkets on every corner is a must or just collecting shells on the beach, for their memory collection. Emotional Pisces will match with them greatly. The loyal Scorpio, especially if they deeply care about their Cancer friend, will be a patient and loyal travel companion.

Cancer can be very romantic, so taking them to Paris or on a romantic cruise is a win-win.

Leo - Travel with Gemini or Capricorn

If Leo invites you to travel with him, you will probably have a lot of fun. Don't forget to praise and be astonished about the locations that Leo choose for you. After all, you have to admire them in every way, they need that. Leo can be a little fancy and take you to a 5-star restaurant, opera or some other event that requires a fancy suit or a dress. Let them take you to the journey, they have planned for you. It might be a little hard for more independent signs that don't like to be told what to do all the time. Gemini or Capricorn would be a good match for traveling with a Leo. Leo can take you anywhere and you will have a lot of fun. Just be ready for the ride.

Virgo - Travel with Taurus and Capricorn

If you are not bothered planning your August holiday or somewhere in the middle of the winter, Virgo can be your travel buddy. She will make you take all the necessary precautions for safe travels. With a to-do list, some signs might feel the travels with a Virgo as a little too planned. Gemini, Aquarius or Aries won't have too much fun, traveling with a Virgo. The sometimes lazy Taurus might have more fun and the same goes for the Capricorn. You can travel to the wildest jungle with Virgo, as it's going to be well planned and you will get all the proper vaccinations. If you don't mind a little extra planning, you can travel anywhere with them.

Libra - Travel with Gemini and Aquarius

Libra will always contemplate, either to go left or right, to see that or this monument, try this or that restaurant. If you are easygoing and adaptable, that shouldn't make you too upset. Gemini and Aquarius, as the communicative and easy going, can keep up with Libra's changing decisions. Traveling with them might surprise you, as they might change the path and you might experience some unplanned adventures. Libra might follow your lead if she is crazy in love with you or respects your opinions. Take her anywhere and be ready for some change of plans.

Scorpio - Travel with Cancer or Pisces

Traveling with a Scorpio might be an enigma. If you are not already romantically involved with him, the travel agenda might include it. They love to try new romantic things, like making love on the beach or kissing on the top of the mountain. They like mystery and will search for that in their travels. Take them to the beach, so they can dive and explore the depths. Any unexplored part of the world, full of mystery is good for Scorpio. The emotional Cancer and Pisces are their good romantic travel companions.

Sagittarius - Travel with Leo, Aquarius or Gemini

Sagittarius is a real adventurer. Take him to a safari, a wild part of the jungle or maybe Machu Pichu. Don't make any prior plans with them, as they might turn the plan around 10 times. You will never get bored with a Sagittarius and they might make you explore the most secret parts of the world. They are not fancy or pack 3 big suitcases. Always ready for an adventure with a backpack and a sleeping bag, will be the best match for an Active Leo, easy going Aquarius or sociable and curious Gemini. Camping, hiking, exploring and backpacking any mysterious and interesting location, is the way to go with them.

Capricorn - Travel with Taurus or Virgo

If you are ready to follow "traveling orders" or you are just too lazy to plan your travels, trust Capricorn with that. They like to lead the way on travels and make sure everything is comfortable and safe. If you don't like to plan your holiday, they are a perfect traveling companion. Museums and galleries are a good choice. They like to go for the safe way, so don't expect too much adventure. Taurus or Virgo will feel good with them, maybe even Scorpio. Take them to the Louvre or the national history Museum.

Aquarius - Travel with Gemini and Sagittarius

You might think that you have it all planned, but if Aquarius will follow their "free as a bird" way, you might not be able to stop them. Who wants to listen to the boring tour guide? Not Aquarius, they want to do what they want at the moment, where inspiration takes them. Don't be surprised if Aquarius becomes friends with the locals anywhere, trying to help with their problems and needs. Aquarius love people and they always try to help out. If you are sociable, curious and talkative like Gemini, you might have a lot of fun with them. The perfect adventure companion for them is also Sagittarius. Aquarius has to be free and allowed to be like a bird in the sky, if you can keep up with that, you can travel together anywhere.

Pisces - Travel with Cancer or Scorpio

If you love water, especially, lakes, ocean, rivers or waterfalls, you should go and "take a swim" with Pisces. Cancer would make a good swimming companion as well as Scorpio.

Pisces sensitive nature will always look for places to relax and forget about the cruel world. Whether on a lonely beach or in the middle of the mountains, as long as they have peace. Pisces can be very romantic and they make any travels more beautiful. Together with cancer they can enjoy and admire all the beautiful places on the earth.