What type of girlfriend are you, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Friday August 02 2019

Aries - Always to be the first

Such girlfriends as you are known due to the desire to be the first in everything. As usual, you choose the partner. Instincts move you, that is why you act at first, and only then you think, and this never happens in the reverse direction.

Taurus - All about care

A proportional figure with feminine roundness; whatever you do, you make it with love. Capability to take care and protect your partner – there are features of a girlfriend born under the sign of Taurus.

Gemini - Let's chat

Girls of this sign are active in communication; you always have a topic for conversation. It is so funny to spend time with such a girlfriend like you. But your mood may change in a minute.

Cancer - All around home

Your expressive eyes look straight into the soul; you understand the thoughts of your partner. You are a slightly shy and secretive girlfriend. You love home and comfort; an ideal hostess for any man.

Leo - Your looking is very important

Lionesses love bright expensive clothes, branded shoes, and bags, catchy jewelry. In general - you like to impress. Sometimes you can even scream at a partner. But you became a little kitty while falling in love.

Virgo - All around the job

The women, who were born under Virgo zodiac, are the most pragmatic girlfriends. At the same time, they are very wise and smart. You are very diligent and assiduous. You are faithful, if you meet the love of your life.

Libra - Justice is higher than all

There is no more calm, balanced and reliable partner than you. As a rule, such girlfriends have symmetrical facial features, they have proportional figures. You have an ability to put things in order around and to reconcile your friends, and even enemies.

Scorpio - Sex and drama

Scorpion girlfriends are very sexual with a slim shape. They also have a very attractive and slightly mysterious appearance. They can say sweet words to her friends or partners, and in five minutes to “sting” as a real scorpion.

Sagittarius - Independence and career

These girlfriends are active, they love sports, but they have a tendency to overbearing. They are also independent. Being young, they build a career. They say, that the family and children will be later.

Capricorn - No emotions

You are forced to follow the dress code at work: business and at the same time fashionable shoes, classic bags and accessories, a neat hairstyle, natural makeup. It is impossible to read any emotions on your face.

Aquarius - Lightness and kindness

It is so easy to stay with such girlfriend as you. As usual, you have a very youthful face, you prefer to have a light natural mess in your hair (also becoming a trend in modern fashion), a minimum of makeup.

Pisces - All about tenderness

Talented girls with a beautiful soul. Most fish girls work in the field of art and fashion. They have soft, delicate skin, equally soft hair, often curly, a low voice. The general impression that they make on a partner is tenderness, affection, intelligence.