What type of friend are you, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Thursday June 06 2019

Aries - A Role Model

As a friend, Aries is very sociable. They connect with others with ease but they don't suffocate people. Aries like to be a role model for other people, they find it priceless when other people follow them and look up to them. They don't always return all the affection, but that doesn't mean they don't care. They can get offended easily.

Taurus - Devoted and Loyal

As a friend, they are devoted and loyal. Taurus can have friends even from early childhood. They try to stay in touch with their friends, no matter the distance. They make good friends as they are always available for advice and help. Taurus takes friendship seriously. The only problem is, sometimes they can get jealous and possessive.

Gemini - Popular

Gemini is popular and always in the spotlight. People just love them. They have a lot of friends from different areas of their life. Sometimes it might seem, that they are not good listeners, but they are. They are amusing for people around them. The biggest problem is, their friendships might lack depth unless they connect with someone intellectually.

Cancer - Picky but understanding

As a friend, cancer is spontaneous. They don't try hard to gain friends, rather they let things flow naturally. As it comes to friends, they can be picky and don't make friends with just anyone. But when they find a good friend, they are very understanding and give unconditional support. People often seek them for advice. The biggest problem they have, when you hurt them, they don't forgive easily.

Leo - Centre of attention

Leo is not very picky when it comes to friends. They like to be surrounded by people, especially those that admire them. They love to be the one and only, the center of attention. This also has a positive side, because they are generous and they connect people. Leos biggest problem is, that everyone has to praise them, almost worship them, otherwise, they can become cranky.

Virgo - Shy and sensitive

As a friend, Virgo can be a little shy. Sometimes it's hard to make friends with them, but when they do, they keep the connection alive in good and bad. They like to have friends, that are the center of attention, to distract attention from themselves. The problem with Virgo is lack of self-confidence and high sensitivity, which can make them easily offended.

Libra - Sociable

As a friend, they are sociable. They have many friends and enjoy their company. They like different profiles of people and are very communicative. Friends tend to often ask them for advice. Libras biggest problem is, they get bored easily and can be somewhat demanding.

Scorpio - Wise leaders

As a friend, they are caring. They prefer a few good friends, to a lot of shallow friendships. They are wise, and people turn to them for advice. Scorpios always have some good advice. They are good leaders and their friends usually follow them. The biggest problem of Scorpio is, they don't forgive easily.

Sagittarius - Easygoing

As a friend, they are easygoing. They easily form new friendships and their charm helps them with that. They have a lot of friends and tend to do good in unpredictable situations. For that reason, everyone likes to invite them as travel buddies. The biggest problem of the Sagittarius is, they don't attach easily and get easily bored.

Capricorn - Loyal and devoted

Loyal and devoted. Friendship is important to them. They like long, steady relationships. Capricorn will always give advice if you only ask. All these qualities make them very good friends. The biggest problem of the Capricorn is, they are a little mysterious and they never forgive betrayal.

Aquarius - Popular

Aquarius is popular and has many friends. They love to be amongst people but they don't get attached too much. They can't take it if someone is too possessive or demanding towards them. The biggest problem of the Aquarius as a friend, more than people, they love freedom, so many people see them as shady.

Pisces - Good listeners

As a friend, they somehow attract people with problems in their life. Pisces is a very good listener and always tries to help. Anyone can be happy to have them as friends. Their biggest problem is, when caring for others, they tend to forget to care for themselves.