What show you should watch, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Friday November 02 2018

Aries - House of Cards

You are determined and confident Aries. You love shows starring powerful and strong leaders. Your impatient, and impulsive side will need to be fullfilled by shows like "House of Cards", "Empire" or "Mindhunter".

Taurus - Grey's anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is perfect for your ambitious and sensual side, Taurus. You will see yourself in many of Grey's Anatomy's devoted leads. Other options for you are "Game of Thrones" or "Downton Abbey"

Gemini - Orphan Black

"Oprhan Black" will go well with your versatility, Gemini. Inmerse yourself in a show that will ease your curious side. Other options that you'd enjoy are "Criminal Minds" or "NCIS".

Cancer - One Day At a Time

You're family focused, Taurus. You will see yourself in a show that represents family strength and closness. That's why "One Day at a Time" is perfect for you. Other options are: "Orange is the new black" or "13 Reasons Why".

Leo - Transparent

Creative and humorous, "Transparent" suits your cheerful and passionate side Leo! Other options for you are "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" or "Veep".

Virgo - How to get away with murder

Analytical and hardworking Virgo, you will love to get inside the minds of all the characters in "How to get away with murder". You will try to stay ahead of their game plan and enjoy to see them struggle in something you could resolve in 5 minutes. Other options for you are "Mr. Robot" or "Sherlock".

Libra - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Libra, you are Kimmy in every way. Your childish and sometimes, cluless, side are perfect to binge-watch this show during the week-end. Other options for you are "Downton Abbey" or "Orange is the New Black".

Scorpio - True Blood

Do I even need to explain this? "True Blood", is full of passion and sensuality, this show is perfect for all your senses. Other options that would be great for you are: "Sons of Anarchy" or "Bates Motel".

Sagittarius - Adventure Time

You have a great sense of humor, Sagittarius. "Adventure Time" might not be understandable by other signs, but it is for you Sagittarius! You might also like "Silicon Valley" or "Grimm".

Capricorn - Veep

"Veep": Selina Meyer’s commitment to getting things done will match your responsible and disciplined side, Capricorn. Other options for you are: "Arrow" or "Mad Men".

Aquarius - Black Mirror

Your eccentric side, Aquarius, makes "Black Mirror" perfect for you. This show's originality and creepiness will make you wonder for days how everything just might really happen someday. Other good options for you are "Supernatural" or "American Horror Story".

Pisces - Outlander

You live in the past Pisces, or at least, you sometimes wish to have lived in an older time. That's why this time-traveling show is perfect for you! Other options are "Once upon a time" or "Daredevil"