What kind of proposal she wants, based on her sign?

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Wednesday June 12 2019

Aries - During an adventure

She wants adventure-like-proposal that are less romantic. The best proposal maybe during climbing a high mountain.

Taurus - Classic

Classic proposal and very dramatic traditional proposal. I recommend chocolate and flowers. It will be best for you. Then, your partner should not forget the diamond ring as it will ensure your smile.

Gemini - Sweet and public

You want to hear sweet words and not many jokes. If it's not serious enough you will probably say no. You like to be proposed in public, as most girls dream of that.

Cancer - Loved by your family

If your fiancé(e) as won your family's hearts, then you will have no doubts accepting his/her proposal!

Leo - Memorable

For your proposal, you want something luxurious. It's not like that for you in everyday events, but a proposal is a big deal, and you deserve the best! The only thing you need is his/her attention. You want a memorable moment that will last forever.

Virgo - Simple

You want a simple proposal. Somewhere you feel comfortable and that is only yours. You will not resist saying yes before the end of the question.

Libra - Romantic

Romantic Proposal. Must be very beautiful and special. Maybe a sunset proposal would be nice.

Scorpio - Private

Very private proposal. Very intense subject about how much you love each other. Just the two of you, as it should be, nothing else, no one else. Just you!

Sagittarius - Surprise!

It must be a surprise! You love surprises and this is the one you were excepting to happen someday. It must be a special moment with some clues about what was going to happen.

Capricorn - Thoughtful

You want a thoughtful proposal, Capricorn. You seek for good quality in everything, including the ring and his or her commitment. You expect the best from your partner, especially on that day.

Aquarius - Your way

You want it your way. So you've probably talked about it with your partner, directly or through his/her friends. He/she must know what you want. If he or she follows your expectations you will have no trouble saying yes.

Pisces - Magical

Creative and magical proposal. You know what your partner should do: be creative and let magic works by its own.