What is your spirit animal, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Thursday November 22 2018

Aries - The Cheetah

As an Aries, you're always looking for a good competition. The Cheetah might be from the cat family, but it is not lazy at all. They are leaders, and just like you, they love being independent and can be aggressive sometimes. They protect their territory to the death!

Taurus - The Wolf

As a Taurus, you are determined to protect your pack, just like wolves. You are stubborn and independent and you know what you want. Your ability to work well in a group makes you stronger and more confident of yourself. You're a born leader and will be respected.

Gemini - The Fox

As a Gemini, you have multiple sides in your personality and you shift to them depending on the context. Foxes are like that also, they can look cute and gentle but can become fierce and protective in case of need. That is why it's your spirit animal.

Cancer - The Dog

Compassionate and loyal, the dog is your spirit animal, Cancer. You enjoy being surrounded by family and being home. Just like dogs, you're devoted to the ones you love and will always be there when they need you. Going on trips with your family or just enjoying a picnic in the park are your favorite activities.

Leo - The Lion

Leos, just like lions, are big cats. They are independent, know what they want and are born leaders. They also enjoy being lazy from time to time and just chill out in the sun. Like lions, Leo is dominant and strong and will step up and defend the pride.

Virgo - The Eagle

Eagles look at every little detail that surrounds them. Just like you, Virgo. That's why the eagle is your spirit animal. Eagles are hardworking and very smart. They have a sharp eye and notice things no one else does. This helps them make the best decisions.

Libra - The Panda

Panda is your spirit animal, Libra. Pandas like to be in a well-balanced group where they feel loved and protected. Just like you Libra, Pandas want to have a peaceful life and just be happy. They are caring, warm and diplomatic.

Scorpio - The Elephant

Just like elephants, you are goal-oriented, Scorpio. You are a born leader and you're always looking to do the best possible at any given situation. You always look at your surroundings and use every tool available in order to achieve what you want. But just like Elephants, you can be a bit over-protective and stubborn!

Sagittarius - The Owl

Your spirit animal is the Owl, Sagittarius. Like you, the owl is passionate and energetic. They are also impulsive and organized, just like you. You have a strategy for everything and are very intelligent in execution time. Facing a problem, this makes you very capable of solving it the best way possible.

Capricorn - The Horse

Your spirit animal is the Horse, Capricorn. Just like horses, you're a free spirit and won't mind telling others when you need to break free. You are hardworking and dedicated to achieving your goals. Very curious and adventurous, you like to try new things and go beyond the borders.

Aquarius - The Dolphin

Just like you Aquarius, dolphins are highly intellectual. That's why they're your spirit animal. Just like them, you need your mind stimulated all the time otherwise you'll just get bored. Your sometimes childish playfulness makes you a delight to hang out with, but sometimes you just need to be alone and use that time to recharge your energies.

Pisces - The Seahorse

Seahorses are calm and gentle beings, just like you Pisces. That's why they're your spirit animal. Seahorses are creatures of the ocean and you'd be happy to live underwater like them if you could. You are intuitive and trusting and your relationships resemble the one a seahorse has for life.