Weddings based on zodiac signs

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Friday November 02 2018

Aries - Adventurous

Aries are free spirits. Don't expect to attend the typical fancy wedding with them. It will probably be something bold and full of adventure. Aries love nature and they will enjoy an outdoorsy wedding surrounded by rustic arrangements and fun spontaneous games.

Taurus - Sensual

Taurus sensuality will show off at their wedding. They have an eye for beauty, so look carefully at every little detail. You'll see perfect flower arrangements, delicious color combinations, a cake worthy of royalty and a wedding dress that will show Taurus sensual curves, in a fancy way.

Gemini - Friendly

Geminis are all about communication. You’ll tear up when hearing their beautiful vows. The whole wedding will focus on that communication skill. You’ll find yourself mingle and making a lot of new friends, since you’ll be strategically seated in order to do so.

Cancer - Traditional

At a Cancer’s wedding you’ll see the traditional beautiful wedding dress. If you’re feeling hungry, don’t worry, Cancers are all about food and you’ll have no more space on your plate to try everything at the buffet. If you’re invited, it means you’re family or a close friend, they like to keep it intimate and the wedding will probably take place in a backyard.

Leo - Fashion

Are you at a wedding or a fashion show? You’ll be wondering that when you see the bride walking down the aisle in a beautiful fashion dress. But the aisle will probably be sand since the perfect wedding for a Leo is at the beach or somewhere exotic.

Virgo - Perfect

Virgo have planned this day since they were little kids. They want a fairy tale wedding. Everything must be perfect yet mysterious. Don’t you dare wear a colour that could resemble white! Let the bride shine on her day. Virgos weddings are usually the most perfect anyone could attend, due to their high standards and attention to every little tiny detail.

Libra - Romantic

Bring tissues, you’ll need them! Libras weddings are the most romantic ever. Everything from the music to the vows will be an intense feeling of joy for everyone there. Libras are very original, so be prepared to feel things you’ve never felt before.

Scorpio - Not Traditional

Everything will be far from traditional with Scorpios. The bride will probably wear something red, dark and very sexy that will make everyone’s jaw drop. Scorpios adore music, so it will the key element here that will make you have the time of your life.

Sagittarius - Modern

Modern wedding, in a new building or hotel. Sagittarius change their minds all the time, so the bride probably hired a wedding planner which made her life way easier. They are also really spontaneous so don’t be surprised if the bride doesn’t show up and has eloped a few days prior the big party!

Capricorn - Traditional

Elegance is the key word here. Capricorns like tradition but also to have a lot of fun. The bride will probably wear her mother’s dress with a few tweaks to express her true self. Every member of the family will be there, even the ones that haven’t called in ten years!

Aquarius - Devoted

Aquarius will focus on their other half the day of their wedding. Everything will be about the other person and to make sure they’re enjoying themselves. A simple, rustic beach wedding is perfect for them, surrounded by their loved ones. They will, however, have something special and out of the ordinary, like a celebrity marrying them or something similar.

Pisces - Fun

Pisces wedding will be fun, fun and more fun. Don’t be surprised if you’re invited to a Harry Potter or Star Wars themed wedding. It will be a movie-like wedding where the groom and bride are the main actors. You WILL be entertained!