Top Travel Destinations, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Tuesday November 20 2018

Aries - Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Your adventurous side is perfect to explore the Scottish Highlands, Aries. The master pieces you will find there will just take your breath away. Hiking, horseback riding, or just sitting in wonder admiring the landscape is a perfect get away from your daily routine.

Taurus - Paris, France

Paris elegance will meet yours, Taurus. Taking a stroll down the Seine at sunset will end a perfect day of sightseeing, drinking delicious coffees and eating the finest dishes. You don't need to visit the Eiffel Tour to fall in love with Paris beauty. Getting lost in her is all you need.

Gemini - Marrakech, Morocco

Just like you Gemini, Marrakesh is full of life. You will love walking through her little streets, passing by market stands and meetings her people. Marrakesh is the perfect place to do what you do best, make friends. You'll see yourself mingle and having the coolest conversations with locals. Marrakesh history is a gem and is still present in daily life.

Cancer - Perth, Australia

Exquisite wines, a Gourmet destination, and a homey feeling make Perth perfect for you, Cancer. The vibrant city is perfect for you and is also close to a lot of day trip locations. Start your day by chilling in Kings Park or the Botanic Garden and then talk o walk down the Swan River.

Leo - Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is a natural beauty, without the crowds. Her beautiful beaches, are perfect for you Leo. Or, if you feel like doing something different, head to the Monument of the Sun at sunset, and dance with the lights of the dance floor. You can also listen to the music of the sea, with Zadar's giant harmonica, played by the sea.

Virgo - Singapore

Just like you Virgo, Singapore looks for perfection. Her rich culture and art are perfect to awake all of your senses. Take a walk down the Gardens by the bay and be amazed by its perfection. Everything exotic that you love so much is available in Singapore, so go visit the markets and have a taste.

Libra - Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein castles and trails are perfect to relax, Libra. Waking up to a breathtaking view of the Alps is what you've been needing. Liechtenstein has a lot to offer and is like a fairy-tale country. Visit the old town of Vaduz and its castle, and travel back in time.

Scorpio - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Take a walk in Amsterdam, Scorpio. The city's rich history and nightlife are waiting for you. Take a walk down the canal and admire the architecture, go chill in the Vondelpark in the summer, Leidseplein square in the winter and finally, visit the Flower Market on the Singel canal.

Sagittarius - Copenhagen, Denmark

It's always a perfect time to visit Copenhagen, Sagittarius. Just like you, Copenhagen is really cool. Go have a BBQ at Ørsted's park or go hang out in the Freetown Christiania. Copenhagen has a lot of things to offer and also, a lot of coffee places!

Capricorn - Lisbon, Portugal

Full of beauty and nightlife, Lisbon is perfect for you Capricorn. This bright and cheap city is what you've been looking for. Take a walk down (and up) the streets and see the century-old wooden trams still run through the hills. The buildings tiles reflect the sunlight illuminating the city and showing all of her glory.

Aquarius - Berlin, Germany

Berlin has gone through a lot, but still maintains her undeniable beauty. You can see, feel and touch her history and all the emotions that come with it. Just like you Aquarius, Berlin has a lot to show for. Her culture and structure are breathtaking and you'll want to stay more. Ride a bike to the Reichstag Building, the Brandenburg Gate, through the Tiergarten and don't forget to visit Museum Island!

Pisces - Cinque Terre, Italy

The string of fishing villages perched over the Italian Riviera is exactly what you've been looking for, Pisces. Breathtaking views, the Mediterranean, Italian food, what more could you ask for? Go visit the five towns, jump from the rocks into the Mediterranean sea and have some typical sea-food lunch!