The best career path for you, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Thursday June 06 2019

Aries - Sports and Arts

Aries are skilled in many things. Their fiery temperament and sometimes rage can produce great works. Aries are good in somewhat impossible, stressful and new situations. Despite the stressful nature of the situation, they tend not to lose focus. They are very good at sports and art. A lot of famous artists were born in the Aries sign.

Taurus - Psychotherapists

Taurus usually aims for goals, that are closer and easier to achieve. Venus promotes interests in Taurus, that are linked to art. They are usually good singers and pastry chefs. Tauruses are also very good listeners and they give you honest advice without preaching and judging. They are good conversationalists and listeners, which can make them good a psychologist or psychotherapists.

Gemini - Writing

Gemini is connected with writing and talking. They are charming and funny and they will make you laugh. Sometimes they can be annoying, because Mercury pushes them, to want to be always right. They can really speak in a way that will take your breath away and they explain thing clearly and easily. That makes them good spokesmen and businessmen and women.

Cancer - Chef

Cancer is very deep and emotional. They like to write, cook, take care of plants and home renovations. If you want someone to help you with home decor, that would be Cancer. That makes them good interior decorators. They are very good listeners and emotionally developed. Which can make them good for jobs in working with people.

Leo - Movie business

They are born leaders, but they can be a little strenuous. They never complain and they are very nostalgic. They always wonder, what would the past be like if things went somewhat different. They take matters into their own hands and like to dominate. Born actors, directors or leaders in any discipline. Leos are very proud and will often hide their true feelings.

Virgo - Medecine

Good at noticing little things and deep thinking. They are born to translate, edit and write. They are good at art but are often perfectionists. They like discipline and rules and that makes them good doctors and pharmacists. When it comes to honesty, they will tell you everything to your face, don't expect them to sugar coat it.

Libra - Fashion industry

Libras like esthetical and beautiful things. They are very good at convincing and tend not to lose their temper. They appear fragile, but they can manipulate you in doing things they want you to. They are usually beautiful and you can see them in modeling and fashion design and sometimes in law.

Scorpio - Anything that requires precision

Mysterious, deep and precise. They make good surgeons, thinkers, actors, psychologists, and philosophers. They have a lot of energy and can easily read how you feel. Sometimes they can be overpowering.

Sagittarius - A career that involves travel

Most professors and judges are born in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter inspires them to be knowledgeable, gives them the tendency to specialize in things and fight for justice. A lot of times they are religious and philosophical. They also love to travel, so they also choose jobs that allow them to travel a lot.

Capricorn - Teacher

They are prone to success and that is their priority. Orthodox and mystic at the same time. It might take longer for them to find their calling, but when they do, they can be good teachers, thinkers and revolutionaries.

Aquarius - Anything creative

Aquarius carry change on a global scale. They like technology and they understand how society works. They know how to approach and understand the masses. They are great social workers, fighters for freedom and human rights. They are also very creative and inventive. Aquarius can be a good artist or graphic designer.

Pisces - Film industry

Pisces often appear in the film industry, arts, and esoterics. Often they are misunderstood, have good ideas and are very creative. They are sensible for beautiful things and they have good taste. But a lot of times, they see the world through pink glasses, which can be both positive and negative.