How you Argue, based on your sign

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Thursday June 13 2019

Aries - An explosive little package

Aries doesn't have too much patience. With their fiery temperament, they don't wait too long, to express their emotions, even if negative. If you get on their bad side. beware, they can fill up with rage. Mostly it's verbal attacks, that can sometimes transform into physical violence. Don't try to calm them down, it's much better to ignore them and let them rage not reacting too much. In that case, Aries might even calm down and apologize.

Taurus - A quiet time bomb

Tauruses are usually very quiet and good at controlling their emotions. They are very patient and it's hard to make them angry, but when you do, you should start running. They can hide and repress their emotions for months, before finally exploding. Only one bad look can be enough, to press the final button. When you make him angry, Taurus will be nasty, loud and might even cry. Don't try to calm him down too fast, otherwise, you might get a verbal attack. They don't like it when people get into "their business" or accuse them they did something wrong.

Gemini - Double passive aggressive

Gemini is good at hiding their true emotions. They don't scream and rage too often, but there are other signs that show, they are not feeling too good. You can notice it in their body language, such as unsettling looks and tension in their hands, almost ready to punch someone. Mostly they get angry at themselves, rather than others. They tend to keep things to themselves but then take it out on people when they least expect it. Sometimes when they get bored, they might just verbally attack someone close by, for no real reason.

Cancer - Crying in its quiet little shell

Cancer is usually nice, charming and caring. They don't like to hold negative emotions and fight, but that doesn't mean they are immune. Usually, they don't "lose it" just like that, as they are very patient, but when you do hurt them, they might hide in their shell and keep rather quiet and moody.

When you finally ask: "What's wrong"? They might start to cry, talk gibberish, blame you and blame themselves at the same time. The best is to apologize to them and give them a hug, to help them bounce back.

Leo - Loud and proud roars

Leos get angry easily, but they don't like to show that. They don't make too many scenes in public, but when they do, they will make sure they roar for so long, that they make sure their roar was heard loud and clear and of course not letting you say a single word while they are at it. After that, they might turn and walk away proudly, no matter how much it might hurt them. You will have to apologize to them, either it's your fault or not. Quite a few things make them angry, as small as a mess in the apartment or someone doubting their abilities or honesty. Don't poke the lion too much, because you might have to listen to some very loud roaring after.

Virgo - It's not my fault, it's yours

Virgo will get more sad than angry. But their anger is mostly self-defense for feeling sad because they feel attacked.

Virgos are good with words and instead of cursing, they will make you feel like you are nothing in more sophisticated terms. Sometimes they might smash something in the process (like some glass) or bang the doors really loudly. Virgo doesn't take criticism lightly, as they sometimes act like they never make mistakes and can be somewhat narcissistic.

Libra - I am perfect, but only in public

Virgo and Libra are similar, as they both want to look perfect in front of everyone. They can look completely calm, but spit poison out of their mouth. They accompany that with giving you a nasty look.

More likely, Libra will attack those close to her (friends and family) because her reputation has to stay intact in the eyes of coworkers, strangers and so forth. That means, other people might never see their dark side.

Scorpio - Will quietly sting when provoked

Scorpios don't really like to fight or provoke fights. That's why they like to make sure, that in their small circle of friends, there are no people that would make them mad and put them in a bad mood. When things go bad, they might just get quiet for a long while, not return your calls and ignore you for a few weeks. When they finally decide to talk about the problem, they will do it in a cold manner that can hurt anyone. In that case, try not to lose it, otherwise, they will sting and things can get heated.

Sagittarius - Opens Pandora's box and runs away

Sagittarius likes intellectual fights which they like to call "debates". They might provoke conversations about "touchy subjects" and then watch everyone "debate" it out. After the debate, when everyone is tired, they will try to come forward with their "only right" Sometimes they get angry about small things but also forget about them fast. In the meantime, you can be sure, that Sagittarius will try to convince you that he is right because they really hold on, on their beliefs.

Capricorn - No space for imperfections here

Capricorns won't scream their lungs out, rather than that, they will despise you and try to humiliate you.

In that case, let the Capricorn cool off and try to pretend like nothing ever happened. They will defend their beliefs very stubbornly but if you try to criticize any of their personal flaws, you might even make them cry. They are often very hard with themselves and others.

Aquarius - Pretty chill until hot

Aquarius wants to be always understanding, non-conflictive and tolerant. But if you decide to attack their beliefs (which are the best beliefs in the universe for them ), then things can take a darker turn.

They might attack you on the spot or move away, but you are going to get it sooner or later. It just might happen that you receive an angry phone call a few hours later or they can appear on your doorstep, to make sure they tell you, how misunderstood and delusional you really are.

Pisces - Apologize or else

Pisces are usually sociable and adjustable and they don't like to fight too much. They try not to hurt others but they get angry when other people hurt them. They will want an apology, (and they will get one). If they don't, they will yell and be nasty not caring too much, about who might hear it.

They can be drama queens and over react but later after they calm down, they will be the first to apologize and make peace.