Disney Princesses as Zodiac Signs

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Wednesday November 14 2018

Aries - Moana

You are a leader, Aries! And like Moana, you follow your instincts and can achieve anything if you put all your effort into it.

Taurus - Elsa

You're like Elsa, Taurus: Sensual and stubborn. You believe in yourself and you are proud of what you have achieved, even if sometimes that means locking yourself in your own world.

Gemini - Rapunzel

Like Rapunzel, you're curious and adventurous, Gemini. You learn fast and you will always make new friends wherever you go.

Cancer - Snow White

Family focused, you're Snow White, Cancer. Others will always feel comfortable and protected when they are with you.

Leo - Jasmine

You know what you want, Leo. Like Jasmine. You will not let the rules deprive you of your freedom or your ambitions.

Virgo - Belle

Like Belle, you lock yourself in your own world, Virgo. But you love learning new things and above all, you always have a book at hand to read!

Libra - Anna

Like Anna, you are childish and persevering, Libra. You always seek justice and fight for those you love, no matter what the cost.

Scorpio - Megara

Like Megara, you're sexy and sometimes, a bit manipulative, Scorpio. You hide your flaws, but will fight to the death to save your loved ones.

Sagittarius - Mulan

Like Mulan, you are not afraid to go against the rules, Sagittarius. You forge your own path against adversity and achieve the incredible.

Capricorn - Tiana

Like Tiana, you are independent and intelligent, Capricorn. You work hard and will not rest until you achieve your goals.

Aquarius - Pocahontas

Like Pocahontas, you have a great sense of justice, Aquarius. You strongly believe that peace and dialogue achieve extraordinary things, without resorting to violence.

Pisces - Ariel

You're like Ariel, Pisces. But contrary to her, if you could spend the rest of your life in the water, you would!