Are you an Angel or a Demon? Based on your sign.

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Wednesday June 12 2019

Aries - In the middle

You fair to the world. Great Judge: You judge people fairly. Angels and Devils never dare to question your words. Being trusted by God, even though you are not an angel.

Taurus - Angel

When somebody plays you a trick, kick you, or even make you injured, you always forgive them. Most people love you and call you a 'sweetheart' or a 'little angel'. You always help others, especially elders and pets. Sometimes you are too nice, which can lead you to be tricked into a devil's traps.

Gemini - Both

You have both characters of devil and angel. Everyone wants you to choose but you are not able to. You are yourself, it depends on your mood. Sometimes you are being too nice, and sometimes you might hurt someone you love.

Cancer - Devil with a good heart

Your intention is to be nice, but you were born with many evil temptations. You always pray that God forgives you and grant you a chance to be an angel.

Leo - Devil

As a strong, beautiful person, you live in a noble castle. You are keeping the secret of your evilness. You are kind in front of people, but nobody knows your evil intention. You will give a great fearsome to someone who dares you for a challenge.

Virgo - Angels with too many desires

People love you: your warm generosity and also your lovely eyes. Everybody will accept you as a family member. The problem with you is your desires, which are probably nice, but sometimes it leads to a bad experience because of your negligence.

Libra - Angel

Associated as a very beautiful and sincerest angel. You are so pure in heart and you were born with an original sin: you will never commit other sins. In many cases, God asks your opinion and advice. Every angel and devil feel guilty for your kindness.

Scorpio - Queen of Evil

You are a statue of Evil, which even Satan cannot deny your order. Being the highest power of evil, you only ask others to do evil things while relaxing yourself in blood-bathing.

Sagittarius - Angel

Your smile makes the world dance happily. You love people so much and speaking about your communication skills: everybody gets attracted to your voice. You never like when people lie because you can see through them.

Capricorn - Devil

Nothing more can describe you because you are the exact Devil and the sign of evil itself.

Aquarius - Water Angel

As a water-based angel, you help others the best you can. Every angel always asks for your help whenever they are happy or not. You always bring joy. Every angel is easily attached to you. On your evil side, you have a very strong sex drive, maybe due to your sexual libido.

Pisces - Angel

You love your own rules. Every part of the code of ethics that you have created, you follow. Never miss a single thing. Your plans always work as it should be, and you are a good leader. You are caring, kind, forgiving and emphatic. You are rarely angry because you can actually see people through their heart.