A Hollywood star is going to prison for college admission scandal

By Pablo Costa - Tuesday September 17 2019

Probably, there is no single person, who is not familiar with the talented actress Felicity Huffman from the worldwide famous V series "Desperate housewives". Not only she is really beautiful and well-respected in the film industry, but she has won many awards such as "Emmy" and "The Golden globe".She has also been nominated for Oscar and the prestigious reward of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

However, she has broken the law by paying 15,000 dollars to raise her daughter’s grades in college. She was sentenced to 14 days of prison,30,000 dollars fine for giving a bribe and 250 hours of community service by a federal judge in Boston. Pretty bad, isn’t it? Like it or not, those are the trending news. When it comes to the law, everybody is equal.

The authorities have announced it is the biggest fraud for college admissions ever. It is believed to be 25 million dollars fraud and 51 people are thought to have been connected with it. Rich Americans, famous businessmen, and celebrities have paid a lot of money so that their children can go

to colleges like Yale, Georgetown or Stanford University. As it comes to Felicity Huffman, she pleaded guilty and confessed everything. She said she is deeply sorry and ashamed of her actions and if only she could have said no. She apologized to her own family and the whole college community. But isn't that the best lesson life can give us? We suffer from what we have done, but it is the only way to become aware of our mistakes.

Felicity Huffman is going to remain one of the most American film stars. She has done some things wrong, but she is so successful and gifted that it is not fair to judge her so severely because of that and forget what else she is capable of. After all, besides being a famous movie star, she is a parent and all parents always want the best for their children.