'Yesterday' Honest Movie Reviews

By Cesar Varela - Tuesday October 08 2019

Yesterday (2019) falls under the romantic comedy genre with a hint of musical. The plotline for the entirety of the movie mostly revolves around The Beatles, but involves some original music content. Casted by Lily James and Himesh Patel, these two actors portrayed a refreshing and lovely chemistry.

The story

Elle (portrayed by Lily James) played the role of Jack Malik (portrayed by Himesh Patel)'s childhood best friend and road manager. Elle depicted such an energetic and optimistic personality and continues to push Jack towards his dream of succeeding in the music industry with his own music. He was losing all hope until an incident of a bus accident occurred during a mysterious global blackout which leads to the entire world forgetting some significant facts, such as The Beatles ever existing. This is where basically the entire plot of the movie revolved around, with Jack re-creating and recording every song by The Beatles to be known by the world.

Yesterday gave the audience a lively romance between Elle and Jack Malik, and reminded everyone that The Beatles will always be a classic. The beautiful thing about creating and producing movies that incline towards classics such as Yesterday is that it's for everyone- it limits no audience. Especially to those who are in love with the art of music, this movie makes you fall in love with the kind of masterpiece that the Beatles created through their songs. It wasn't just a movie created for entertainment, but rather, it was a movie created for those with a knack and a deep passion for music. By the end of this movie, it will leave you feeling wanting more and it's a movie that really makes you feel something. It makes you want to relive music from the 90s and grab your guitar and start strumming the chords to 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles.