The reason for the Olsen sisters' estrangement 

By Cesar Varela - Thursday February 20 2020

Working hard, dedicating all their time to them, the famous Olsen twins have managed to create a millionaire company in the world of fashion, being considered two of the best designers in the USA, but at this moment their patrimony is not the important thing.

At the moment, the Olsen family is in the midst of an important imminent separation, the sisters are more distant than ever that is why Elizabeth Olsen, has decided to cut ties entirely with her sisters, perhaps you wonder the same thing that we have all asked, but why?

Mary and Ashley's life has changed radically since they became famous in the '90s, and we all remember them as the beautiful girls of the Passport to Paris program.

And although it's been a long time since they decided to give up acting altogether, maybe some people don't know that Elizabeth has a great career as an actress. She is no less than part of the Marvel universe, where she has given life to the Scarlet Witch. A character for which she will always be remembered. The younger sister has always been cataloged as being the sister of the twins, and this is something that has ever kept her upset and caused problems in the family.

Now, in addition to being an actress, she has also ventured as a designer, she is creating her own style and design. Despite this, her last name has followed her into this world as well and has resulted in a problem with her sisters, by having a dispute over a large client. She has always tried to create her own name, and even though she is famous for being part of the marvel world she has not been able to remove that label, and this new fight in fashion seems to have been the last straw.

A source close to the family states that there is tension between them, but even trough all of this they are confident that things can be resolved and that everything can return to a point of mutual trust.