Rapunzel Will Be Disney's New Live Action

By Osvaldo Colina - Wednesday February 19 2020

It is being developed by Ashleigh Powell (screenwriter of The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms) and it is not clear that it will be related to the hit 2010 animated film, Tangled.

It seems that now Disney is not exclusively focused on bringing back their best classic animated films, but now also those stories that were the basis of their inspiration. This week it was leaked to the Pictures studios that the company already has a new live-action project, and this one will be based on the story of Rapunzel. It should be remembered that this story gave rise to one of the company's last great successes, "Enredados". Everything indicates that it has been chosen to continue with the new legacy of Disney's realistic movies, being the last one the so awaited Mulan.

The information that is handled so far is that its writer is Powell, known for being the writer of "The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms", so it will be who gives life to the story, although it is not known if it would be linked to the animated version of Greno and Howard. However, it would not be a wrong decision at all because this version collected a very important figure worldwide, more than 600 million. Let's remember that "Tangled" was the one that animated again the movies of princesses in Disney, giving step then to the famous Frozen, which is cataloged like a world-wide success.

Therefore, we should not discard which way could take the direction of this new project. At the moment we do not know the possible candidates to direct the movie or the cast. Trying to recreate it in a remake version might not be the best option, because it could end up the same way as The Lion King, which many critics have described as the same but without essence.

Let's hope they can give a new touch to Rapunzel, that maybe they can get a little closer to the Grimm's version, that it's not a bit childish but on the contrary, it can have a little more shades of darkness in the story. What if we have assured will be some incredible songs, that we do not doubt, but for now the rest, we will have to stay with the doubts until we can get new information.