More Michael Jackson's secrets

By Pablo Costa - Wednesday October 09 2019

The singer who passed away in 2009, recognized worldwide as the king of pop, passed away 18 days before beginning his 50 concert tour called "This is it".

Michael Jackson's legacy as time has passed since his death has not been forgotten, even new secrets and new decorations have emerged against the king of pop. Despite his death, the mystery surrounding this singer has increased, attracting the attention of the public.

New secrets have been revealed thanks to his former bodyguards. The life of the interpreter of "Thriller" depended a lot on his image to attract attention, and to be surrounded by cameras, thanks to the attention that the media gave to this star was quickly recognized around the world as the king of pop, in addition to his albums that were one of the best-selling.

The secrets revealed

Bodyguards who served the singer for 10 years revealed that this pop star wore tape to his nose and also covered his mouth with surgical masks. According to one of the bodyguards, he revealed that Jackson used the adhesive tape and the surgical mask as an instrument to manipulate the media, and so the singer managed to make all the headlines, a very good strategy. Jackson knew that by being a mystery he would keep all the media on his toes and so he could make all the headlines keeping his fame intact.

On the other hand, it was also revealed that Jackson didn't want the media to know if he was homosexual or heterosexual, because this great mystery that the singer took away has caught everyone's attention. If Jackson's mysteries had been solved, the singer would no longer be the center of attention.

Just as this revealed secret there are many more, yet the mysteries are not yet solved. This year 2019 has come out different documentaries about his manipulation with children. Michael Jackson undoubtedly the best singer in history, left us a great legacy but also the greatest mystery of all the earth.