Miley Cyrus and her Siren Songs

By Clara Youdale - Friday October 18 2019

Miley Cyrus is a talented singer and actor with multiple hits under her belt. She met her former husband Liam Hemsworth while she was shooting the movie "Last Song" co-starring with him.

This teen flick might have sparked decades and more of shipping, but the couple has recently announced that they are ending their marriage. While Miley Cyrus did rebound with Brody Jenner's former wife Kaitlynn, the two have recently called off their short-lived romance as well.

Miley continues to pump out the hits. "Don't Call Me Angel" was a collaboration with Arianna Grande and Lana Del Rey. The song featured what many called allusions to Liam. Miley was in the punching ring with a clean-cut man that looked a lot like Liam. Additionally, it is reported that Liam's nickname for her was actually an angel.

The song is all about not calling her angel. As well, her song "Slide Away" has lyrics with a bite about an ending union. Miley's lyrics include lines such as we're not 17 anymore. Since Liam and Miley met when they were about that age, some people are wondering if the songs have a deeper meaning.

Miley took to "Elle" magazine on October 15, 2019, to give some fans updates. They seem to also believe she is using the same Instagram filters that she did with Liam in her new relationships.

Not only does the article confirm a quote from Cody Simpson detailing that he is her current boyfriend, but it has some other details. Miley commented on a fan's comment about having the same filter for photos with her three current flames as "classic".

It seems that Miley entertains the notion that her fans do pick up on things. Instead of calling them out though, she continues to add more layers of mystery. It seems like Miley is onto something.