Kanye West Declaring Himself As A 'Born-Again Christian'

By Cesar Varela - Saturday October 19 2019

Kanye West, a 42-year old American singer, songwriter, producer and rapper, recently declared on being a Born-Again Christian during one Sunday service in Atlanta. This has probably got to be one the most shocking and mind-blowing revelations that happened. Kanye West has always been known for his music and his songs were often explicit about women, sex and the like. Which is why it comes as a shock that one Sunday service in a megachurch in Atlanta, he proclaimed his testimony that led to being a Christian.

Kanye West's testimony that led him to a life dedicated to God was truly remarkable. He preached about the miracles of God; on how this world blinds you into a false sense of accomplishment, success, and pleasure. This was the most vulnerable that Kanye West has ever been- on his declaration with his new-found relationship with Christ. He also preached about the devil's work in his life. He preached on how the devil blinded him with shiny things and how this left him feeling emptier than ever. He was inspiring people through his faith, saying that the more you go after pleasure, the more it's going to make you feel emptier, day after day- that only a life dedicated to God is meaningful. He was convicting people that the amount in your bank account and your career will never satisfy you if that was to be your basis for success.

He also preached about not letting other people's opinions validate you, but only God's voice should. In that 10 minutes he preached, he was in a place of utter conviction and faith. By the end of his preaching, he thanked God for saving him and replenishing him. Kanye West spoke about the breakthrough of finding God that led him to be more intimate with his family and his children. In his worship and his preaching, Kanye West was able to change so many lives in that service by just his faith.