Jennifer Aniston Takes Instagram by Storm

By Pablo Costa - Friday October 18 2019

It seems these days that people's appetite for social media is voracious. This turns into a ravenous type of mode when it comes to celebrities. People are eating up content daily. They even watch Instagram's lives of the brave few celebrities that choose to promote themselves this way.

In the latest celebrity social media news, Jennifer Aniston just joined Instagram as of October 15, 2019. It's amazing that someone of her stature was able to hold out so long. Although, arguably, someone as huge as Jennifer Aniston doesn't need social media to promote herself.

Unfortunately, though, that's not where this story ends. It appears that Jennifer Aniston's account was so popular that it actually made Instagram crash, according to reports from The Guardian.

Her first post was what dreams are made of. The entire cast of Friends is crowded together in one candid selfie. It only took an hour for her to have well over 100,000 followers. She truly is the stuff that marketers' dreams are made of.


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And now we’re Instagram FRIENDS too. HI INSTAGRAM 👋🏻

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Her picture also got 100,000 likes before it literally crashed the system. Still, late into the evening, a person hoping to see which celebrities that Jennifer friended would be out fo luck. The account says that the link is broken or the account has been removed. Most people probably hope it's the former.

In the midst of the chaos formed, there is an important detail that has not gone unnoticed and is that among the large number of celebrities who have welcomed the actress on the social network, the first comment has been of her Ex-husband, Justin Theroux. He posted some cute emoticons showing love and affection to her and that he was really happy to be the first to comment.

Certainly, people can find that people online tend to project their best lives. Friends lovers grew up on the popular sitcom. Some even hold out hopes that the cast will reunite for a Friends movie.

Although the reports suggest that this hope is merely a pipe dream, it doesn't stop people from daydreaming and clicking on star's accounts.

So far, Jen's picture has surpassed 12 million likes. You go girl!