Friends' actors close to meeting on an HBO Max special

By Cesar Varela - Sunday February 16 2020

The special meeting would not be a fictional chapter but a flashback program interviewing the protagonists.

The six main members of Friends, which has undoubtedly been one of the most important and famous series in the history of television, are about to reach an agreement with HBO Max to meet once again in a special episode, although it would not be just another one where they would watch in the cafeteria.

All the fans around the world have always longed for a reunion cast, and even if possible a final season, but this special edition would be more focused on being a flashback chapter with interviews to the cast. A few months ago, it became known that this project was already on the table at HBO and that negotiations with Warner and the actors had already begun, but at that time everything was just starting to take off.

Now the situation seems to be different and everything is about to be confirmed once and for all because this special would be a luxury for HBO Max after they sign an agreement to have the right to broadcast the series after it expires with Netflix. Every fan of this incredible comedy wouldn't miss this special for the world.

According to various digital media, the initial proposal for the actors was around 1.5 million each, but after several attempts to reach an agreement the figure seems to have gone up by almost 50% and there are rumors of 2.10 million to be part of this long-awaited special.

And now we are all uncertain whether or not it will finally materialize, one of the members of the cast "Chandler" has made a publication that we still do not know if it is linked to this project and has written in their social networks "great news is coming".

We can only hope that they finally reach an agreement and that we can enjoy one last time with the best group of Friends.