Elton John Unimpressed By The "Lion King" Remake

By Clara Youdale - Saturday October 19 2019

Pop music icon, Elton John, wasn’t a fan of the “Lion King" remake. During an interview with GQ magazine, he called the Disney film a “disappointment”. He also stated that they “messed up the music" in the film.

Elton John won an Oscar for his musical contributions to the original “Lion King" film in 1994. John's musical compositions for the film included a song titled “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and he also did music for the stage adaptation of the film. In addition, John stated in the interview that he wanted more involvement in the 2019 remake, but he wasn’t given the chance to contribute anything substantial. Overall, the creative direction and music of the 2019 remake didn’t resonate with John in the same way the original did 25 years earlier.

Despite the mixed reviews from critics, the “Lion King" remake ultimately became a global box office hit. The film has grossed $1.7 Billion worldwide.

The “Lion King” remake included re-workings of songs from the original film and the return of composer Hans Zimmer. Also, the film added new music that was written and performed by Beyoncé, which includes the lead single titled “Spirit".

In other news, John recently got his own biopic with the Paramount film “Rocketman". In addition, Taron Egerton delivered a critically acclaimed portrayal of the eccentric musician.