Did Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez married in secret?

By Cesar Varela - Saturday November 23 2019

The soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and the model Georgina Rodríguez could have given the "Yes I accept" in a most intimate ceremony. Several media around the world say that the couple apparently married in secret in front of a few witnesses in Morocco.

According to a Spanish magazine, it was the Portuguese tabloids who were responsible for filtering the news in the athlete's home country, which later began to circulate throughout the world.

As they say, it is possible that the bride and groom resorted to the help of a soccer player's friend for the organization of the ceremony without leaking information about it. The publication indicated that a source close to the couple said he began to include his partner in personal and legal matters, such as his will.

In the same way, he included her in the administration of some of his actions, which until then were only administered by his mother, the informant informed the tabloid. Rumors of the question about whether they were getting married began last summer when she posted a photo on her Instagram account and referred to the footballer as her "husband", but, they denied it almost immediately.

So far, neither has spoken about the news that says they are already a husband and wife, and that as indicated in the media, it was not a religious ceremony. For her part, the last family publication she shared through her Instagram account was the celebration of her daughter Alana's second birthday, and where the soccer star was absent.

Recently, the Juventus striker opened his heart in an emotional interview for a British television channel, in which he revealed personal details of his life and his relationship with the native of Argentina. Also in that interview, he talked about how incredible his relationship is and how much she has impacted her life and said that at some point she would enjoy being able to take her to the altar.