Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend Seperate After 10 Year Marriage

By Pablo Costa - Saturday October 19 2019

After ten years of marriage, Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend are ending their relationship. The shocking news was first revealed through their Instagram page.

In a joint statement, the couple explained to followers that their decision to split was mutual and asked for “patience and support". The post also expressed how both of them are taking another step together, but on “different paths" and acknowledged experiences they created over the course of the last 12 years.

Hendricks and Arend met through fellow actor Vincent Kartheiser, during a night out in Los Angeles. The two dated for two years before Arend proposed to Hendricks under a chandelier at the ll Buco located in New York. This also turned out to be the site of their wedding. In addition, the couple eventually decided to buy the chandelier from the ll Buco and put it in their dining room.

Another interesting fact about this couple is since Hendricks did not want kids, the couple opted to adopt two puppies instead. Let’s all hope this doesn’t spark a nasty custody battle over who gets these adorable pups.