Birds of Prey Reaches First Place at the Box Office

By Pablo Costa - Friday February 14 2020

The film has reached first place but not with the expected box office. The "Birds of Prey" flew for the first time this weekend and undoubtedly reached the top. However, not everything seems to be as good as it looks and that's because the amount of money raised is much less than expected, being a DC Films production.

So far it is well below the original predictions although it is worth noting that it has been consistently receiving very good reviews from fans, but the expected amount in its first weekend is less than they expected by a margin of $20 million.

However, his collection outside the US has been better than expected, in just a weekend it was over 45 million. According to reports from the producers in its first days of release, the film led by Margot Robbie has generated more than 80 million. Therefore, they can only hope that it will continue to stay on top for as long as possible thanks to the good feedback it has received. Not since Jonah Hex DC has a movie been released with such a low box office.

After the girls' arrival on the big screen, the new Bad Boys sequel has become number two at the box office after leading it for three weeks. This great action movie has made more than 300 million worldwide and still adding up. And in third place to complete the podium we have the film directed by Sam Mendes, "1917".

To complete the top 5 we have The Adventures of Dr. Dolittle, it is worth noting that this last film mentioned has not been as successful as expected and many critics and fans think it was a mistake on the part of Downey Jr. to have been part of this project. And finally, in the fifth place, we have Jumanji: Next Level, that continues breaking its expectations and continues being a success at world-wide level, maintaining itself in the first positions of the billboard.