The Planets in Astrology

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Tuesday March 05 2019

1. The Sun

The Sun is bright, strong, a star. Its light makes life thrive on earth. Every month, the Sun changes sign, which means that in a year it will have visited all 12 signs of the zodiac. That is how our sun sign is determined, depending on which sign was the sun the moment of our birth.

It represents ourselves and our conscious side: our personality and our ego, also known as our zodiac personality. It also represents our creative side, or health and our power. The stronger the Sun, the stronger we become, but too much might burn our feelings or the feelings of others! On the other hand, a weak sun means a lack of life and creativity.

The sun reflects the present, the here and now and it's the most important planet in astrology and the ruler of Leo.

The Sun is associated with male figures and our relationships with those figures. Once we understand the Sun, we can know ourselves better and recognize and improve our positive traits.

2. The Moon

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, the sign that is related to women, the feminine energy, security and home.

While the Sun represents our consciousness, the Moon, on the contrary, relates to our unconsciousness. It is our instincts and spontaneous actions. When you say something without thinking or burst in rage, that is the Moon acting. While the Sun has the power to censor or control some aspects of the Moon, it cannot restrict spontaneous reactions and feelings.

The Moon is fast. Every 2.5 days it changes sign, and in 27 days it will have visited all 12 signs of the zodiac.

The Moon has a light side and a dark side. The Light side represents our obvious feelings, the one we don't fear expressing. On the other hand, the dark side is our deeper emotions, the ones we keep to ourselves but sometimes come out uncontrollably.

3. Mercury

The Sun might represent your personality, but Mercury controls the way you communicate with others or how you understand the information given to you.

Mercury is a fast planet. It stays in each sign for around three weeks, except when it passes Earth's orbit, where it might remain in one sign for up to 9 weeks. This period is known as Mercury Retrograde, and it's a period of communication and technology disruption. You may experience difficulties communicating with others or understanding new concepts. It's important not to make important decisions while this is happening.

4. Venus

In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love. In Astrology, Venus rules over Libra and Taurus. Because of that, Venus embodies two things in our lives: Love and Money.

In a deeper meaning, Venus rules over our sentiments, our ability to love and profoundly connect with others. On the Money side, it rules over how we spend our money and the things we buy for others. Venus is the warmest planet in our solar system even though it's not the first one. Its warmth is what makes you feel in love, strong emotions, or even mood swings.

5. Mars

Mars or the red planet is also the God of War. It rules over Aries and represents energy, desire, body attractions and even our instincts of anger. It might be the second smallest planet in our solar system, but Mars is fierce. Do you ever feel your survival instincts kick in when you're in a threatening situation? You have Mars to thank for that.

Depending on Mars' position where we were born, our sex-drive, how we express our anger or how active we are on a day to day basis will vary.

For example, a person born with Mars in Libra will have a strong desire for diplomacy and a great sense of justice but will become indecisive when opposed.

On the other hand, a person born with Mars in Capricorn may be domineering if threatened and will have high ambitions.

6. Jupiter

Jupiter is known as the planet of Luck. When traveling into a house, it will bring benefits and opportunities to said house. It is the ruler of Sagittarius and secondarily of Pisces.

Our Jupiter sign describes how you teach and to who you teach. For example, a person with Jupiter in Cancer will have a strong urge to look after their loved ones while someone with Jupiter in Capricorn will search for professional status and recognition.

Jupiter also brings vision, optimism, confidence, justice, and wisdom. It takes twelve years for Jupiter to visit all the zodiac signs, spending a year in each of them.

7. Saturn

Saturn is the planet that brings structure to our lives. It rules Capricorn and Aquarius. The purpose of Saturn may look negative because it restrains us and limits us. But with those restrictions, comes order and structure which helps us develop our self-control.

Saturn will help us define our career path in life. For example, a person born with Saturn in Capricorn will be conservative and authoritarian, and a responsible worker. On the other hand, someone born with Saturn in Sagittarius will be committed to higher education and be an easygoing and optimistic worker.

8. Uranus

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus has to do with changes in our lives, and our ability to look into the future. For example, anything related to innovation, discoveries and the unexpected. Uranus also rules over our creativity and imagination.

In Astrology, Uranus is known as the "Awakener" because of its relation with surprising changes, breakthroughs, and innovations.

It takes 84 years for Uranus to visit all twelve of the zodiac signs and will spend around seven years in each one of them. The interpretation of Uranus applies to a generation rather than one individual.

As an example, a generation born with Uranus in Sagittarius will seek and teach new visions for humanity, while a generation born with Uranus in Capricorn will introduce new structures into the world, possibly business ones.

9. Neptune

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. It represents our spiritual and inspirational side. It also rules over our dreams, illusions, fantasies, faith, and trust. When our planet visits Saturn, we feel more sensitive, but that visit will also purify and cleanse us.

Neptune is very slow, so, like Uranus, it applies to a generation rather than an individual one. Neptune will take around 180 years to travel all signs and will stay 15 years in each one of them.

For example, a generation born with Neptune in Capricorn will apply discipline on their spiritual path and will have the wisdom to incorporate both old and new spiritual values. On the contrary, a person born with Neptune in Sagittarius will have a gift of spiritual vision. They will help humanity focus on spiritual goals and become more inclusive, putting aside races and beliefs.

10. Pluto

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and is named after the God of the Underworld (Hades in Greek mythology). It represents our subconscious, our taboos, our deepest secrets we keep only to ourselves. It represents the human need of holding certain things back, put them under the rug, which can lead to frustration but eventually set itself free.

It also shows how we share resources with others and how deep we can bond with other people. Pluto also applies to a generation and not to an individual since it spends around 12 to 20 years in each sign.

As an example, a generation born with Pluto in Scorpio will have a strong desire to initiate change on a worldwide basis to rise above the basic desires of humanity. Another example, a generation with Pluto in Libra will be concerned with the cause of justice and possess the ability to see the need for change in global relations.