Signs you're in a healthy relationship

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Friday December 07 2018

1. You trust each other

You can't be in a healthy relationship if there is no trust between you. When you don't second-guess your partner's moves, your thoughts are in the right place. If you can trust your partner and tell them anything that is on your mind, you'll be happier and healthier. Of course, your partner has to trust you back!

2. You communicate easily

You laugh, you talk, you cry or even scream with ease. You express your feelings, and your partner hears them. Communication is essential for a healthy and stable relationship. With no communication, there is no moving forward.

3. You have space

Being in a healthy relationship doesn't mean that you have to give up things. It's essential that each of you has their hobbies or interest. Of course, sharing is important, but having your own space helps you grow as a person and pursue your interests.

4. You fight

Fighting is never pleasant, but in a relationship, it's healthy. If you never fight it might mean that you're not speaking your mind and keeping feelings inside. Of course, in strong relationships, fighting is never violent. You hear what the other has to say and apologize if you're wrong.

5. You are sexually intimate

You know each other's likes and dislikes. You can communicate intimately like no other — no need for lies or mind games. You feel comfortable with your partner and are not scared of trying new and exciting things. You express your love to each other during those intimate moments.

6. You inspire yourselves

You help your partner to succeed in the things they want. You don't bring them down but push them forwards. Respecting your partner's dream and being there for them will create an unbreakable bond between you. Wanting happiness for the other person is one of the strongest qualities in a healthy relationship.

7. You accept each other

You're different, and you know it. You don't try to change your partner in becoming something you'd want. You let them be themselves and know that your personalities are different and that's great! Of course, if something your partner does or says is affecting you negatively or hurts you, you should always talk about it.

8. You spend time together

You like going out or just spending time at home, together. You feel comfortable sharing special moments only the two of you. In a relationship, it's a good sign when a couple makes an effort in finding time to spend together, away from friends, children or others. Allow yourselves to have those moments.